Dealing With The Kidney Stone

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a kidney stone.  I’m taking a pretty strong pain killer and drinking lots of water.  My Dad came up Monday, to help me hang some sheet-rock in a playhouse I’m building for my kids.  I managed to help him, a bit, but I was in pain the whole time.  I hope to be well soon, but I’m going to take it easy for the next few days.

Interestingly, my aggressive workout schedule may have contributed to the kidney stone.  How?  Well, according to a couple of folks I talked to from the doctor’s office, kidney stones can form when a person is dehydrated.  I’ve been drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water, every day, since I started my weigh loss, but for someone who is now running two to four miles a day, that (apparently) is not enough!  Needless to type, I’m going to double my water intake, starting today!

I’m not going to weigh in this week, but, rest assured, I’m staying on plan.

2 thoughts on “Dealing With The Kidney Stone

  1. They aren’t fun, I get one about every 6-8 weeks. Mine are caused by calcium (not normal), they tell me to drink my caffeine to help eat the calcium out of my body.

    Hopefully it’ll pass soon (and while your asleep)!

  2. I had one a few months ago and was on pain meds for about a week, until I got very tired of being in constant pain and nausea, etc. I found this website and tried it out and that day I finally passed my stone. Coincidence? I’m willing to bet NOT! It might be worth a try for you too.

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