The Treadmill Has Been Lying To Me

Today, I had a conversation with a relative, who I know likes to run, and I asked her how long it took her to run her most recent 5K.  She said that she finished in less than twenty-six minutes.  Impressed, but a little depressed, I couldn’t help but compare her time to my time goal of forty minutes.  When I mentioned this, she asked if I had been running outdoors, on the track, or indoors on the treadmill.  When I replied that I had been training, exclusively, on the treadmill, she suggested that I hit the track, and then determine what to expect from my first 5K.

Man, I’m glad I had that conversation.

I’ve just returned from the track, and I’m proud to say, I can now run a mile in less than 10 minutes!

Compare that to the 13 minutes that the treadmill says it takes for me to run a mile.

The treadmill has been lying to me!

So, my new time goal for the 5K will be 33 minutes – about 11 minutes per mile.

Monday, as I begin week 5 of my training, I think I’ll skip the gym and hit the track.

1 thought on “The Treadmill Has Been Lying To Me

  1. Keep up the good work!
    I must admit, I was a little worried a couple weeks back when you skipped a weight-in, but I’m sure you have what it takes to continue in this journey; and what a journey it’s been!

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