Couch To 5K Reboot

My first 5K is scheduled for April 25.  I have been following the Couch to 5K training program, and now I am up to week 6.  In a move that I think will have several long term benefits, I have decided to re-start the training program, and follow it step by step.  Here’s why –

  • The 5K will be here in 10 weeks.  The Couch to 5K training program takes 9 weeks.  This means that I can follow the program, and it will have me ready to run the race, with a week between my final training session and the actual race.
  • I have new shoes.  When I started training, I was running in ill-fitting shoes.  I think that this affected how I was running, and I missed a couple of days of training due to sore calves.
  • I have developed a more sustainable training schedule, and I’ve actually budgeted the required three days a week for running.  In the past, I was fitting in my training.  Now, I’m working my life around my training.  Big difference.
  • Proper form.  I now realize that I ran four or five weeks with really poor form.  I’m interested in seeing just how I’ll do, now that I actually know (a little bit about) how to actually run.
  • Nutrition.  After taking a look back at my eating logs, I’m pretty sure that I have been eating, in an ironic twist, too few calories.  I’ve done some research, and I think I am better prepared than I was when I began training.
  • The treadmill at the gym is a liar and now I am training on the outside track.  Let’s face it, I will not run the race on a treadmill, I’ll run it outdoors.  It makes sense that I should train outdoors (if at all possible).

So, tomorrow morning, I’ll hit the track and do the Week 1 Day 1 routine.  It will feel strange going all the way back to the beginning, but I REALLY want to start my running life out on the right foot (so to speak!).

5 thoughts on “Couch To 5K Reboot

  1. Can you post some more about your change in form? I’ve been aching in the calves lately (esp switching from treadmill to street) and would love some suggestions.

  2. Congrats on starting the program! I started last year and cold barely run to the end of the block…now I am running a 21km half marathon in May.I did not use the program, but I have seen it before and I think it should work great!

    Min, I had this problem when I started running and still have it from time to time. Try stretching more before the run. That was my biggest problem. Also, try loosening your shoelaces. Mine are never really tight. The other thing is put out the money for a pair of properly fitted shoes. They watch how your foot lands when you walk or run and make suggestions based on that. It is not much more money…probably about the same as buying shoes at a sporting good store. Apparently I need shoes that do not have much of a rise.

  3. With 3 small children, the treadmill is my only realistic option. My gym doesn’t have a track nor can I leave the building. I think I may have a longer more natural stride on the street, but I know I’m building my endurance so it must be doing some good. I’m certainly nowhere near as fast as I was in high school, but that was a while ago.

    My first 5k is April 15. I’m kind of excited to see that my time might be better than my treadmill time (which is downright depressing).

  4. Congrats on starting the 5K. I would like to suggest if you have to run on the treadmill, make sure you can change the %grade you are running at. If you run at 0% it’s like you are running downhill. If you change it to 1-2% you will see a bit of a change, and make your treadmill workouts much more effective.

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