First Stall

For the first time since I started The 929 Project, my weight loss has stalled.  For almost a month, the scales has bounced around, up or down, two or three pounds.  Yesterday, I weighed .5 pounds more than I did last Monday.  This morning, I weigh .2 pounds less.  I have hovered between 223 and 226 for the better part of a month.

Frankly, I have been expecting this stall.  After all, I’ve managed to shed more than 11% of my total body weight, and this has to be a “big deal” to my body.  I figure that it’s just adjusting to the new weight, and once it figures out that it’s not going to starve to death, more weight will fall off.

I have tried a few tricks to break the stall – upping my calories, lowering my calories, adding a few more carbs, eating a few less carbs – and none of them have really worked.  So, as of today, it’s right back on plan and right back to the gym.

I can tell, even though the scale isn’t moving, that my body is changing.  I’m stronger, leaner, and healthier than I have been in years.  So, I will not get discouraged.  I’ll keep moving forward, and when the needle finally decides to move, this first stall will simply be another milestone in my journey.

4 thoughts on “First Stall

  1. The weigh-in Monday was .2 less than last Monday. I just didn’t feel like doing an entire post for a .2 pound weight loss.

  2. Keep working out and sticking to your plan!
    I’ve reached a stall many times, and the most important thing is not to give up. Your body is only adapting.
    Above all, keep to your plan!!!

  3. Make sure you’re eating enough. When you’re not, this is when plateaus happen. Your calories should increase with your level of activity. You should still strive for an overall defecit, but you need to give your body the calories it needs to keep your metabolism on fire.

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