Getting Started With The GoWear Fit

In an effort to better understand the number of calories my body needs to burn in order for me to lose weight, I have purchased the GoWear Fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System along with the GoWear fit Display Device.  I have been wearing the device for two days and I’m really enjoying the feedback it provides.

In my last post, I discussed my desire to abandon the scale and just focus on healthy choices.  Well, if I’m going to use the GoWear Fit System, I’m going to need to have regular weigh ins.  So, I’ll weigh myself each Monday.

Here’s how the system works –

I wear the GoWear Fit armband on my left arm.  Throughout the day, it records the number of calories that I’m burning.  It stores several days worth of information.  Every other day or so, I connect the armband to my computer, log in to the GoWear Fit website and log into my account.  While logged in, I can enter details about how many calories I’ve consumed during a particular day.

The website will calculate my caloric intake and report whether or not I’ve achieved a caloric deficit or a caloric excess.  Presumably, if I consume fewer calories than I burn during a given time period, I should lose weight.  On the other hand, if I consume more calories than I burn, I should gain weight.

I’ll have a more thorough review, with pictures, on Monday – but I want a to spend a few days using the device before I write my full review.  At first blush, however, this is an amazing product.

The links to the GoWear Fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System and the GoWear fit Display Device, are affiliate links.  In other words, if you click them and make a purchase, I’ll get a commission from Amazon.  I do not, however, have any business relationship with GoWear Fit.

2 thoughts on “Getting Started With The GoWear Fit

  1. Hi there…I found you via google…just wanted to say that I got my GWF on Friday and am LOVING it so far…it keeps me SO honest. I want to please the machine hahaha. My weigh-in is on Friday. Hope I see some real progress!

  2. Oh, I’m so excited for you. I really like the money issues = weight issues comparison, and I’ve been waiting for you to properly latch onto it. I think gowear fit is one missing link.

    By the way, the other two issues I think are key in weight loss/ management are
    1. stress/sleep management
    2. nutrition, specifically adequate protein intake. I really focussed on that when I lost weight in the spring, it seems to make everything easier.

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