Cold And Not Hungry

This will come off as very wimpy for those of you who live north of, say, Atlanta, but it’s freezing here.  The Deep South isn’t supposed to get this cold!

One side-benefit of the cold weather – I’m just not that hungry.  I don’t know why, but I just don’t like to eat that much during winter months.  During the summer – man, that’s the time to pig-out.  When it’s cold, I’d prefer to just relax and try to stay warm.

I’m doing much better on my eating plan.  I’ve really enjoyed the past few days at the gym.  It feels so good to be back “in the groove”.  Next weigh in will be Monday, and I feel pretty confident that I’ve lost a couple of pounds.

I hope 2010 has started off well for you and yours.  Rock on.

1 thought on “Cold And Not Hungry

  1. I am the exact opposite. I eat much more in the winter. Summer is the time for salads and fresh veggies, and cooking on the grill.

    It all starts with Thanksgiving, gets worse at Christmas and doesn’t stop until Spring.

    By the way, how cold is cold? Up here by the border, for me, cold is anything below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. We had -2 recently. Now THAT was cold.

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