Tick Tock

Man, time is just flying buy.

Let’s see.  I’ve been doing a pretty good job.  I’m drinking my water and getting plenty of exercise.  On the food front – I’m still eating a bit more than I should, but I’m not really stressing.

I’ve managed to lose about 8 pounds, which isn’t bad considering how busy I’ve been.

I bounce back-and-forth between being “super into” dieting – and then just “kinda into” dieting.

Right now, I’ve got a super-duper-exciting project that I’m working on, so that’s keeping me very, very busy.  Instead of going to the gym, I’m getting tons of exercise, working (out and around) the house.

I’m REALLY digging my calorie counter – it helps me stay focused and motivated.

Honestly, I don’t really have a lot to blog about.  Life is good, the weight is coming off (little by little), and I have some very exciting things I’m working on right now.  Suffice to say, 2010 is looking like a much better year (all around) than 2009.

I hope you all are having an awesome 2010.  You rock!

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