Working In

It’s still very cold here.  Instead of going outside for a walk or driving to the gym, I decided just to do my workout here at the house.  I managed to do several push ups, squats, and lunges.  I also did some deep knee bends and some stand-in-place-walking.  I worked up a good sweat and now I feel great.

Now that we are settling into the new house, it’s super-important that I get into a solid routine.  I THINK I’ve figured out when I can go to the gym – and when I’ll just have to work out here at home.  Either way, I’m making it a priority to work out, regularly.

On a completely different note – I need a really good pair of ear-buds for working out.  I’m not a big fan of the ones that came with my iPod, but I want some of similar size and design.  Any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Working In

  1. Hey — good job at staying motivated even though you didn’t leave your house. All of my workouts are done at my house too.

    About the headphones — I am having a giveaway where teh Marshmellow style of Headphones are one of the options for prizes…..they fit into your ear and they cancel out other sounds…….My in-laws bought them for me when I got my ipod…they aren’t teh hard covered buds.

    join the Giveaway if you’d like.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Sennheiser’s MX-60’s (Sport design). They’re in-ear headphones but they twist under the curves of your ear so that they stay in place. Plus they’re bright green, so they’re harder to lose.

  3. I recently picked up a set of earphones for my iPhone (couldn’t find the ones that came with it). They are the “in ear” type that fit into your ears like earplugs – and it made a huge difference over the stock ipod earphones. they stayed snug and comfortable during a 5-mile run.

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