On The Road Again

Literally.  As I mentioned over at No Credit Needed – my wife and I have purchased a new home!  It is situated in a neat little neighborhood – and tree-lined streets where we can take our daily walks.

Last night, even though it was cold, my son and I bundled up and went for our first walk through the new neighborhood.  The streets are paved, and allow for a continuous mile-long loop, without ever having to walk on a “main” road.  It’s pretty awesome.

Now that we are settled, I’m back in my workout routine.  I’ll head to the gym this evening, after work.  The new house and the new neighborhood give me a chance for a “clean break” from old patterns and routines.  I’m thankful for this, and excited about a new, healthier lifestyle.

We’ve already made a major change, one that can only have positive results.  In our old house, while watching television at night, we would snack in the den.  No more!  Now, all eating must take place at the kitchen table.  Period.  This includes snacks.  It’s amazing how this one change has already affected my habits.  Now, instead of hunkering-down in my chair and eating handfuls of cookies, I sit at the table, have a bite or two of snack, and then go about my day.  Pretty awesome.

Have a great day, and I’ll check in later with workout report.  Rock on.

2 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Awesome on the move! I’m glad you are able to have a good routine and that it’s safe. keep up the good work. Snacks at the table is is an awesome idea.

    Also, come check out my giveaway that I am having.
    I have hit the 100 mile marker (walking, jogging, running) for the year and wanted to do something for the occasion.

    It is the last posting on my blog.

  2. Congrats on the new house. Sounds like a great neighborhood. That sort of big loop is one thing we miss about our old neighborhood. We now live on a half-mile long, dead end road that is sorta out in the country. When we walk or run, it’s back and forth, back and forth because the main road is essentially a rural highway with very little in the way of a shoulder.

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