Grocery Shopping Saturday (No Mangoes Needed!)

I’ve gotten into a groove lately with my eating, but I don’t want it to become a rut.  So, I’m headed to the grocery store in the morning to stock up on fresh fruit, lean meats, and organic nuts.  I’ve become addicted to strawberries and grapes, but I need to diversify the foods that I am eating.  Still no more weight loss, but I’m in this for the long hall.  Thanks so much for the positive comments.  You guys rock!  (Side note:  I bought some mangoes but I’m not impressed.  The tasted like bland plumbs.  Quite frankly, mangoes are a rather boring food.)

2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Saturday (No Mangoes Needed!)

  1. New fruit to try – Cara cara oranges… Extra sweet.
    Pink lady apples. Fresh pineapple (Make sure it is ripe, little to no green, smells pine-apple-y). I like mangoes, but it sounds like you got a bad one. They usually taste to me like a cross between a peach and a melon. Kind of a tough time of year for fruit though.

    I’ve been snacking on those little grape tomatoes too, lately. Not sweet, but lots of flavor.

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