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Basic Foods, Basic Workout

Here are the foods that I have eaten (or will eat) today.

Grilled chicken breast, no skin.  Brown rice, no butter.  Apple, medium.  Banana, medium.  Whole Wheat Bun, no butter.  Lettuce, no dressing.  Popcorn, no salt.  Cucumber Slices, no salt.
Exciting, huh?

Here are the exercises that I have done today.

Treadmill, 5 minute warm up.  Elliptical, 30 minutes fat-burner.  Leg Presses, 3 reps.  Leg Pulls, 3 reps.  Calf Raises, 3 reps.  Deep Squats, 3 reps.  Treadmill, 5 minute cool down.

Again, exciting, right?

I am keeping things very, very, very simple.  Complex carbohydrates, lots of protein, fresh vegetable and salads.  It’s funny.  When I eat this way, I feel amazing, but I still miss the “rush” of junk foods.  As for the exercise, I’m actually starting to enjoy the whole process of going to the gym and working out.  I’m not exactly a gym “rat”.  I’m more like a gym “squirrel”?  Weigh In tomorrow morning!  (The scale has not MOVED in 10 days!)

1 thought on “Basic Foods, Basic Workout

  1. no salt, plain, no dressing? Flavor does not necessarily mean calories. Salsa is great to add to rice, on top of chicken or dunk cut up veggies in (make sure you get some that is all veggies, no fat added) Balsamic vinegar or rice vinegar or lemon juice on the lettuce at least?? Maybe mix a little dijon mustard with some vinegar for a nice dressing. Sometimes I add a little yogurt to the mustard and vinegar… I also sprinkle chili powder on popcorn.

    I can enjoy plain cucumbers, but plain lettuce is too much for me. Anyway, keep it up and if you find yourself getting bored with food, mix it up a little.

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