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Nobody Knows My Sorrows

Again, my body hates me. I weighed today, and I’m still stuck at 231 pounds. This now makes 2 solid weeks without any weight loss. I realize that my body is adjusting to the new way of eating and that I must stick with the program. I was really, really expecting to see some weight loss this morning, and I didn’t see any. I will say, my clothes are a LITTLE looser, but not much. (I know “muscle weighs more than fat”. But I am not building THAT much muscle, am I.) While I am discouraged, I’m still determined. Onward and upward… or… better yet… onward and DOWNWARD. I’m off to drink my 4th bottle of water for the day. Hydration rocks!

3 thoughts on “Nobody Knows My Sorrows

  1. The real question is, will you stick with these lifestyle changes even if you don’t drop a single pound? Will you still want to continue, if the benefits are instead that you feel better and you have more stamina and strength and you know that you aren’t clogging your arteries with blech? (That’s a medical term, ya know).

    Also, are you pulling your belt in another notch or two since you started? Are you down a size in clothing? Can you stay on the Elliptical longer? Can you keep up with your little guy better? Are you saving money by not buying the junk? There are lots of other ways to measure your progress beside the scale. Use them to keep yourself motivated.

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