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A Knife And A Hammer

I had to take a hammer and a knife and create a new hole in my belt today.  While I’m not losing weight, it is pretty obvious that my body is changing.  I’d estimate that I’ve lost about 2 inches from my waist.  My jeans are fitting, I wore a suit Sunday that I have not worn in two years, and my shirts a loser.  I’ll be weighing in tomorrow morning.  I have “feeling” that I might be down a pound or two.  I’ll let you know.

2 thoughts on “A Knife And A Hammer

  1. See? The belt doesn’t lie. Soon you are just going to have to give in and get a new belt. I hope you’ve planned for it in your budget. 🙂

  2. That’s awesome. I was thinking that maybe the extra hydration is what is making the weight stay the same. Do you have a way to measure your body fat percentage? I always value that number much more than just the pull of gravity. 🙂

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