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Steady Eddie Has To Go!

I’ve been doing “basically the same thing” for two months now. I have eaten well and exercised. I have managed to lose 17 pounds. However, over the past three or four weeks. I’ve noticed a pattern, and I’ve got to make a few changes. I find myself eating very, very little during the day, and then “binging” at night. While I AM eating the correct number of calories per day, I am NOT eating them “throughout” the day. So, starting Monday morning, I will focus on eating the correct NUMBER of calories AND I will focus on eating those calories at the right TIMES. No more 800 calorie “days” and 1000 calorie “nights”. Plus, after I finish the two liter of Diet Mountain Dew that I have in my kitchen, I will “giving up” my beloved Diet Mountain Dew. Parting is such sweat sorrow… but Diet Mountain Dew contains WAY too much caffeine and WAY too much sodium. No more caffeine for ME! Plus, I’ve decided to post the foods that I am eating. Accountability rocks!

1 thought on “Steady Eddie Has To Go!

  1. Accountability Rocks! ? This makes we want to puke.

    I dislike saying it, but you are right. It is why I joined Weight Watchers, I can lose some weight on my own, but maintaining and keeping the ball rolling is another story. Losing 17 pounds is really great. And realizing that you can’t do the same habits everyday is a good insight.

    Accountability Rocks! (slight sarcasm)

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