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1000 Calories Per Day – Too Few?

Several folks have commented or emailed about the fact that I plan to eat less than 1000 calories per day for the next 30 days.  Many are concerned that I’m eating too little.  Basically, I have weighed the possible effects (burning muscle, not fat, fatigue, etc.) verses the possible rewards (better sleep, lower weight, no sluggishness.) – and I’ve decided that I have to be a little “crazy” for a month or so.  This is just how I am – in for a penny, in for a pound, so to speak.  If I eat much more than I’m eating now – I lose the “edginess” of a slight hunger – and then I REALLY over eat.  Frankly, losing weight is only one of my goals.  My primary goal is to “shrink” my stomach and “master” my overeating.

Caloric intake as of 11:15 AM

Obviously, I would never suggest that anyone else “do what I’m doing”.  I just know myself.  I have to get really, really psyched about something – and then I can really get some stuff done.

One quick note:  In my opinion, 1000 “healthy calories” – from fruits, vegetables, lean meat – HAVE to be healthier than 2000 “bad calories” – from cookies, chips, soda.

8 thoughts on “1000 Calories Per Day – Too Few?

  1. I’m sorry, but that sounds pretty dangerous. It is crash diets such as this that typically lead to people to binge and gain the weight (and, at times, more than what they initially lost) right back.

    1000 ‘healthy calories’ is probably better than 2000 ‘bad calories’, but why on earth wouldn’t you just eat 2000 (or 1700 or 1500) ‘healthy calories’? Really. I don’t understand this at all. I get how you want to invigorate yourself and get started on this and the rush of quick weight loss, but this is not a healthy way to go, even if it is just for the short term. Think about the long-term effects of this behavior.

    Also, I would say to not really focus on the calories, but more on what you’re eating, how you’re feeling, et cetera. And, if you have an addiction or a problem with food, maybe you should talk to a therapist or someone who specializes in eating disorders or disordered eating. Drastically reducing your intake is not going to solve those problems. It may even make them worse.

  2. Have you talked to a dietitian about your month-long plan? You know, I’m sure, that you can drop your body into starvation (i.e., reduced metabolism/weight retention) mode by eating too few calories. I don’t know if a month is long enough to make your body do that or not.

    I used to think like you about dieting, so I do understand your motivation. At some point, with money and then with food, I realized that making a lot of good small decisions adds up to results, even if those results take a while. Meanwhile, trying to make extreme cuts (like, say, not buying any clothes for a year) only works for a little while, and then I break down and go nuts. The little changes plan works better for me, in the end.

  3. Normally, I wouldn’t say anything. After all you know your body. But I think you also know that 1,000 is on the low side, especially for someone that is 246 pounds. I would at least check in with your doctor and get his opinion. It really can’t hurt can it?

  4. I applaud your motivation to lose weight, but I have to join the other concerned readers in their objections to your means for achieving this.
    Have you really thought this through? If your goal simply is to lose weight, you’ll accomplish that with a starvation diet! If you want to achieve improved health, increased fitness, and less body fat, I’m afraid you’ll need to stick with the slow and steady (sometimes painfully so)process of eating and exercising wisely.

    Please take care. Quick remedies are rarely lasting.

  5. Nice to see your motivation. But starvation is not good. Infact it works opposite. Body holds the fat(future fuel if needed) thinking it is not getting enough food/calories and hold the fat tight. Meaning it try to burn the muscle first. So with this 1000 calories startegy, you will be loosing more muscule then fat.

    Here is the advise:

    1. Look at what you are eating today let see some 2500 calories
    2. Note your current weight ( first thing in the morning on empty stomach)
    3. Lower it by 500 + add 500 calory activity like running or swimming or whatever your good at.
    net affect = 1000 cal deficit each day
    4. After 1 week check back your weight (same day of the week preferred)

    This should give you good start on your gaol. Later on you can fine to get better results.

    Even better if your track fat loss instead of just “any” weight loss.

  6. I have high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and I feel like dirt – so, I think that a month of eating very little, focusing on cutting calories and learning to discipline myself will be good for me…

    Thanks for the concern.. trust me, I have been on EVERY diet in the world… I’ve tried them all… and this is a matter of “controlling” what I put into my mouth…

  7. Hey NCN,
    You know I’m in your corner, but be careful. Remember, you set the rules here, so don’t be afraid to change them if they’re not working for you. You’re a smart guy, you’ll figure it all out. Besides, God is on your side through thick or thin. Get it? thick or thin

  8. NCN…

    Not proud of this but I’ve been doing the same thing. I’ve set a goal of 1200 calories, but have not even met 1000. I just started and lost 5lbs in 4dys. I do not plan on doing this for a long period of time… I am the queen of crash diets. Just so you know, after you achieve your goal and go back to your normal eating habits you will pack on twice the pounds…

    Don’t advise you to do this. To each it’s own.

    Good Health and Good Luck

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