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Just Got Back From The Walking Track – 2.75 MILES – I Rock!

I just got home from the walking track, where I walked 2.75 MILES.  I feel so awesome right now – WAY better than I felt back in January and February.  For some reason – and maybe it’s the fact that I TALKED to some of my closest friends about my “weight issues” – but I get the feeling that I may have turned a corner.  All I know is, instead of thinking about food, I’m thinking about other things.

Here’s my caloric intake as of 9 PM –

3 thoughts on “Just Got Back From The Walking Track – 2.75 MILES – I Rock!

  1. NCN,

    Do you really think it is wise to only have 1000 calories/day? I am not trying to be negative, but is that really sustainable? Why don’t you just have an apple, some whole grain bread and maybe some beans and bring the calories up to 1500 or 1800? If you want to fast for a day, I think that can be done in a reasonable fashion, but reading your blog makes me concerned about this choice of 1000 calories or less for a month. Would you recommend this for someone you cared about? Something to think about, and I am glad you are blogging daily. I am cheering for you!

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