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I Can Make You Thin With Paul McKenna – 4 Golden Rules

I had never heard of ‘Paul McKenna’ until tonight. I was flipping through the channels – and thinking about getting another bowl of ice cream, even though I was already ‘stuffed’ – and I saw his show –

I Can Make You Thin

I have decided to give his ‘4 Golden Rules’ a shot.

Here they are – Click the links to go to Paul’s Website – McKenna.Com

1. When You Are Hungry, Eat

2. Eat What You Want, Not What You Think You Should

3. Eat Consciously And Enjoy Every Mouthful

4. When You Think You Are Full, Stop Eating

Paul has a website here – I signed up for a fee account and joined the forum.

I’m going to do my best to follow the ‘4 Golden Rules’.

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31 thoughts on “I Can Make You Thin With Paul McKenna – 4 Golden Rules

  1. Paul McKenna is hugely popular in the UK. The only thing I’ve ever heard of his was a free CD he gave away in the newspaper about getting out of debt (you may be interested in that!). He’s all about NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) which I’ve always thought was a fancy word for brainwashing! But then we talked about NLP in an “assertiveness” workshop I went on at work (how corporate), now I think it could be an interesting way to undo bad mental habits, like overindulging in food and spending. I’ll be curious to know what you think… I’m almost tempted to sign up on his website and go lurking in the forums =) Good luck!

  2. @monica..
    I’ve done a bit of research – Looks like he does some ‘hypnosis’ and other stuff —
    I think that the MAIN point, for me, is to eat consciously…

  3. Coincidentally I just did a review of the TLC show this morning on my blog.

    The NLP and corporate self-help stuff makes me think he’s the UK’s Tony Robbins. I think the show is a lot of hype and marketing (for itself though) but all in all good.

    I look forward to seeing how your progress with it goes. I read articles via from No Credit Needed all the time and was unaware you had a weight loss blog.


  4. I completely identify with your experience of seeing Paul McKenna on Sunday night. I was absolutely stuffed at the time I ran into the show too.

    Thanks for all your posts on this! It’s nice to hear about others’ experiences!

  5. BTW, these ‘4 golden rules’ are *exactly* the same as the recommendations in Jean Antonello’s book “How to Become Naturally Thin by Eating More”, which was published almost 2 decades ago. It is based on the scientific principle of adaptation.

  6. I love to eat so much that I have trouble waiting unitl I am physically hungry. If I was going to have one dinner in the evening, I could do it. But I eat an early supper to ensure that I will be able to be hungry before bed at 1130pm.
    I plan so I will have the highest number of times a day that I will feel somewhat hungry. Otherwise, I feel that I an cheating myself out of another chance to have a small meal. I simply try to arrange my schdule so I will have the most chances to eat meals during the day. I look forward gratly to each chance to eat and cook some fairly healthy meals, I just have too much and too often. I look at tommorow as an opportunity to enjoy as much good food as possible as often as possible. When I am in the shower, I am thing out my eating plan for the day. About 30 min. after I eat, I am planing the next chance to eat. I relly enjoy eating and enjoy all cusines.

  7. People may think it is nonsense, but I can only say by implementing the 4 rules, I have lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks. Be blessed in your journey.

  8. That is amazing. I know what I need to do to lose weight, but I need to get my mind involved. I have lost many pounds on many diets only to gain it back and more.

  9. It’s so exciting to see another PF blogger who is using Paul’s “golden rules”. It has worked wonders for my wife and I! I wrote an article about our progress on my blog, here.

  10. Paul Mckenna rocks i have been doing this for 2 weeks and i have lost just over half a stone i love love love love love love love love this routine

  11. Your program on CH 7 2pm TV 7.709 caught my eye
    I am not overweight but need to watch it after recent injury, knee surgery..winter eating increases..etc As I watched with interest around 2.15pm, I put out a bowl of lunch and as you were speaking I did what you prescribed and after 3 mouthfuls I was satisfied, that night I did the same actually served less took longer to eat it and again satisfied with less.
    I will continue your simple rules.Thank you Diana Calder

  12. I had complete success with Paul McKenna’s weight loss ideas. It’s not a’s a change in thinking. I now eat about half of what I ate before and am never starving. I actually enjoy eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of starving myself until my next meal and then gorging on food. Within the first 2 weeks I lost 15 lbs. I’ve been able to lose a total of 35 lbs. over the course of 9 months and am continuing to lose inches. In addition to his program I exercise 3-7 times a week, depending on my schedule, and really try to eat at least 3-5 servings of fruits & veggies every day and drink lots of water.
    I challenge anyone to give Mr. McKenna’s weight loss ideas a try. If you stick to it, you WILL lose weight, safely and steadily.

  13. Hi
    I had decided to go on a diet after the festive season. on seeing paul on the first day of !my diet!!! i saw the program i can make you thin. i tryed it on my second day and it really does work i sat at the table with my partner we ate slowly and i left at least half of my food that was on my plate and i am not hungry. I THANK YOU PAUL you have changed my attitude to eating completely.

  14. I’ve been following the golden rules for two years now and without actually “doing” anything different (except changing the way I think about food) I continue to lose weight. What a relief – I don’t have to watch what I eat anymore or follow any programs, diets, or exercise. So far, 25 punds came off and I feel truly liberated from the stigma of food as my “problem”. Good luck everyone!

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