3 thoughts on “First 6 AM Workout

  1. I think your doing an awesome job and i feel alot of determination in your writing. To be honest your really an inspiration to me. I am having a hard time getting in some time to exercise and i know i just have to “DO IT” Thanks for having the courage to post up your time trying to get it done..Look forward into reaeding more and i too will start..

  2. Keep your heads up. I too sometimes get in a throw off and don’t feel like doing it. I tell myself a few things though when I feel that way. One, to think about how it good it feels once you are done. You feel empowered and you are happy about doing it. Just remembering that alone can sometimes do it completely for me. Second, the reason why. Remembering times that I have been unhappy about my health in the past and how NOW is the time I’ve overcome that and how good it feels 🙂

    It’s really a lot of mental struggle. Figure out the things that make you feel good and the smaller reminders of the effects when you are doing good. Thinking of the bad and not taking care of yourself tends to give a slight motivational boost and a, “I won’t give up!” type of will power.

    Best of luck!

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