Guess Who’s Back

Regular posting will resume tomorrow!

For full details (okay, some details) about where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to, head over to my main site, No Credit Needed.  There, you can read about my week “away” from blogging.

Just to update, my weight has not changed, in, oh, two months.  I’m still going to the gym and I’m still eating a healthy diet.  (I have had a few days of slacking, here and there, but that should be remedied by a renewed focus on blogging.)

My planned 5K is OFF!  Our littlest just turned ONE, and the Saturday that I was planning to run the 5k is the day we have scheduled her birthday party.  I’m still planning (and training) to run, but I think I’m going to wait until my sister can run with me.  We shall see.

I hope you are all doing well.  Tomorrow, regular posting schedule resumes!  Rock on!

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