The Kidney Stone Is Gone

After a couple of months of slight pain – and very, very intense pain last weekend – I went to the emergency room Sunday.  Diagnosed with a kidney stone, I was sent home with some pain killers and a recommendation to see a urologist Monday.  I went Monday and, armed with more pain killers and a couple of other medications, I tried for two days to pass the stone.  Unsuccessful, I went to the hospital today, and the urologist had to remove the kidney stone.  Long story short, and sparing you the details, I am in tremendous pain, high as a kite, but very thankful to have had the stone removed.  In the words of the urologist, it was “rather big” and I “would never have passed it”.

With all of the medication and fluids that I’ve had pumped into my body, I’ve gained almost 1o pounds.  My wife is pretty sure that my weight gain, which began about three months ago, started right around the time I started to complain about “lower back pain”.  Come to find out, it was probably the kidney stone.  Hopefully, now that the stone is gone, I’ll feel better, and be able to re-start my weight loss journey Monday.  Thanks for the prayers.  Rock on.

2 thoughts on “The Kidney Stone Is Gone

  1. I wouldn’t wish a kidney stone on my worst enemy. Glad you survived. And yes, to answer the age old question it’s worse than labor (even without the epidural!) since I’ve experienced both.

  2. to FPL, I’m surprised you haven’t had a discussion with the urologist on prevention, but for most people (depending on what kind of stones you’re getting) all you can do is drink a lot of fluids, possibly limiting your sodium intake.
    – quinsy MD

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