The Kidney Stone

Well, this might explain things.

Back in March, when I was really doing well with my weight loss, my Dad came to visit me and help me do some work around the house.  The first morning he was here, I awoke with a terrible pain in my abdomen.  I went to the doctor, and he gave me some pain medications, and warned that I might have a kidney stone.

I took the medication, and after a couple of days, I felt much better.  So, I figured that I either passed the stone, or that there was no stone in the first place.  (I’ve never had a kidney stone, so I really didn’t know how one would feel.)

Since March, as you can see here at the blog, I’ve gone ‘backwards” with my weight loss and exercise routines.  I chalked this digression up to my usual pattern – lose weight, get excited, go back to bad habits, gain weight, repeat.  But this time, I felt different.  I really wanted to exercise, but I’ve felt SO lethargic.  And, I’ve been dealing with a constant “low-level” pain in my groin.

Sunday morning, I awoke to the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt.  Long story short, I have a kidney stone, and I may have to undergo some sort of procedure to remove it.  I’m headed to a Urologist today.  I’m a little nervous, but I am pleased that the “lethargy” and “low level of discomfort” were not simply in my head.  Now, hopefully I can deal with this stone, and move forward with my weight loss.

2 thoughts on “The Kidney Stone

  1. Coming from someone who had a kidney stone before, I can sympathize with the pain level you must have felt.
    Nothing in my life ever compared to it.
    Good luck with the doctor and I wish you a speedy recovery!

  2. Never had a kidney stone, but two of my friends have gone through it. Both were convinced they were on their death beds. Its amazing how much pain can be caused by something the size of a pea.

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