Breakfast And Me

It’s Friday and my week has been crazy.  Want proof?  I haven’t posted over at No Credit Needed, I haven’t been to the gym, and I’m exhausted.  Instead of giving in, and eating a bunch of junk, I’ve decided to make a smarter choice, and eat very lightly today.

It’s always difficult for me to figure out how to have a successful eating day.  My struggle usually begins with breakfast.  See, once I start eating, I want to continue eating.  So, I tend to avoid breakfast.  Of course, that’s ridiculous, and usually leads to me eating a massive lunch.  Then, the massive lunch leads to sluggishness, which leads to snacking, which leads to….

You get the picture.  It’s super-hard for me to get started eating, and then eat sensibly throughout the day.

I’ve tried high-carb for breakfast, low-carb for breakfast, fruits, cereals, oatmeal, protein, fat…  In other words, I’ve tried every single combination of foods that I can imagine.  And, still, once I’ve started to eat, I want to continue to eat.  (Please note – As evidenced on this very site, I can, for a couple of months or so, control my eating, but then I lose resolve and return to bad habits.  It’s ridiculous, but, hey, I wouldn’t have the site in the first place if I was good at this stuff.)

That’s it.  That’s the post.  I’d love to have some insight or some thoughts on how I’ve solved my “breakfast issue”, but I really don’t have any.  Instead, I’m going to go eat an apple, a few cashews, and drink a big glass of water.  Hopefully, this will be enough to satisfy me until lunch, and then I’ll go from there.  Step by step, choice by choice.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast And Me

  1. I am exactly the same way. I love to eat (too much!) The best thing that works for me is to plan my entire day’s eating. If I know exactly what I’m going to eat all day, and promise myself I will stick to that plan, I can make it. Allowing myself to question things and make decisions as the day goes on leads to very bad decisions 😉

  2. You are describing me, and I am a compulsive overeater, which is very much like an alcoholic but with food. I’ve been where you are, and now have been losing weight since May, by counting calories (I keep up with it on a free website) and attending OA meetings in my area (which are free). I’m down 19 lbs, with many many more to go. I never ate breakfast either, but figured out if I had some protein and complex carb for breakfast, I was less hungry at lunch.

  3. I tend to eat more in the morning, then slack off in the afternoon, but I’ve found that what helps me is a combination of protein and fiber. That seems to hit my routine pretty well.

  4. I think there is no combination that will always work, but I think protein plus fiber are huge. Omelet with a decent chunk of veggies, or just coffee and a protein drink (no sugar added). I’d try it for 2 weeks to let your body adjust – if you’re used to eating a lot in the morning, you will be hungry for awhile.

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