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Day 11 Of Following The 4 Golden Rules – I’m Down 9 Pounds!

I couldn’t help myself.  Without even thinking about it, I stepped on the scale – and I’m down 9 pounds!  How cool is that?

I’m telling you, the 4 Golden Rules work!

I have a funeral to attend and then I’ll be going out to lunch with a group of friends.  This will be my first ‘social meal’ since I started following the ‘rules’.  Instead of worrying about what I’m going to eat – and what I should or shouldn’t eat – I’m going to go and hang out with my friends, follow the rules, eat consciously, and see how things go.

My plan is to order a piece of grilled chicken and some rice – and a glass of water and a diet coke.  I’m very interested to see if the rules work when I have to sit, at a table, with food, for more than an hour.  We shall see!

9 pounds gone!  71 more to go!  Rock on!

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4 thoughts on “Day 11 Of Following The 4 Golden Rules – I’m Down 9 Pounds!

  1. Is there any significance of having a diet pop AND water? I noticed you did that before.. just wondering if there was any reason for having both pertaining to the diet.

    I just found this blog and no credit needed and I think I will be advid reader! Keep up the good work~! 😀

  2. Laura,
    In the diet, you are supposed to drink lots of water, during, before, and after meals. But, one of the components of the diet is the ability to eat what you want. I like diet soda, so I have it as part of my meal, alternating sips of water and sips of soda. Plus, these helps me drink less soda, overall.

  3. I might have to try this thing out… And I like your idea of alternating pop and water (I’m from Michigan, its ‘pop’ not ‘soda’ haha). I am addicted to Coke and can never have enough. Which is why I’ve been trying to drink Coke Zero instead for the past few weeks. But I never get enough water, even when I drink tea instead of pop (which I have also been doing better). I’ll have to try this tomorrow at work…

    I sent my dad the info for the 4 golden rules. He is the perfect candidate for it I think. He just eats and eats and eats in one sitting and doesn’t blink an eye. And he’s seriously unhealthy these days and NEEDS to lose weight or he’s in serious danger of a heart attack. I’m hoping he’ll try it. I want to try it too, if not to just stop binge eating, but to lost about 10-15 pounds just to feel better in my skin…

    Keep us informed how it goes for you!!! And any advice would be great. Thanks!!!

  4. You’re doing great!

    I’ve been looking into how to modify these rules for work. I don’t think anyone will actually care if I eat throughout the day, but being conscious of what I eat is hard.

    Thanks for the update and the links. This looks like a fascinating series.

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