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Running Update And Day 9 Of Following The 4 Golden Rules

I just stepped off the treadmill – I managed to run 1.1 mile!  I’m super-excited.  I feel great.  Tomorrow will be a ‘rest day’.  I’ll do some walking and stretching, but I’ll wait until Thursday to actually run again.

As for eating – I cannot get over how ‘in control’ I feel.  I’ve been following Paul McKenna’s 4 Golden Rules for 9 days now.  I haven’t cheated – because you can’t really cheat.

When I am hungry, I fix myself a plate of whatever foods I really, really want to eat.  Lately, I’ve been enjoying lots of grilled chicken and steak.  I’ve also been eating potatoes, corn, green beans, a few potato chips, some cantaloupe, and dill pickles.  At night, I’ll have a couple of small pieces of chocolate – say, one to two ounces?

After fixing my plate, I’ll fix a glass of water and a glass of diet soda.  I then drink about 4 ounces of water and I sit down, at the table, and I eat.  I do not watch television or read the paper.  I focus, with all my effort, on eating and enjoying my food.  Usually, after about 6 to 10 bites, I can feel myself getting full.  After about 12 bites, I am full.  I stand up and leave my plate where it is, covered with a napkin.

If I get hungry fifteen minutes later, I’ll go have a couple more bites.  If not, I’ll put the plate in the refrigerator and eat what’s left a few hours later.

I am down (at least) 8 pounds – This week, I’m not going to weigh myself until Saturday morning.

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Total weight lost – 8 Pounds over 9 days.

Total miles ran – 2.1 miles over 2 days.

2 thoughts on “Running Update And Day 9 Of Following The 4 Golden Rules

  1. Hey! I just read the last few posts, and I can definitely relate to your journey of trying over and over to lose weight.
    I too saw the show. I thought it was an amazing method to lose weight: slowly, without diet, and not rushing to drop the pounds next day.
    So this is from one complete stranger to another: Good luck with your journey. We will both need it.

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