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How I Have Lost 10 Pounds In 12 Days

I’ve been following Paul McKenna’s I Will Make You Thin 4 Golden Rules for 12 days. I’ve lost 10 pounds! Here’s how –

I eat when I am hungry (and, only when I am hungry). I don’t care if it is 10 in the morning or 10 in the evening, when I am hungry, I eat.

I eat what I want to eat (and, only what I want to eat). If I want steak, I eat steak. If I want peanut butter, I eat peanut butter. If I want an apple, I eat and apple. I eat what I want, when I want.

I eat consciously, thinking about each and every bite, tasting every molecule. I chew very, very slowly and I imagine the food moving from my mouth into my stomach, satisfying my cravings and energizing my body. While eating, I drink a large glass or water (or, two large glasses of water). My goals? I want to eat what I like, but I do not want to overindulge. I remind myself, over and over, that this I am not eating my ‘last meal’. I can eat small, satisfying meals, with the knowledge that, when I’m hungry again, I can eat again.

I eat until I am full and then I stop eating. I stand up from the table. I either put the leftovers in the refrigerator or I throw them away. Then, I find something to do. Lately, I’ve been jogging. I never allow myself to feel ‘stuffed’, just ‘satisfied’.

A few tips –

When eating, I never watch television or read. I sit, at a table, and spend my time eating and, occasionally, praying. I really focus on the food. Amazingly, after just a few bites, I begin to feel satisfied. A few more bites, and I’m full.

Drinking water is very, very important. I drink several large glasses per day. I notice that when I am drinking water, I have fewer cravings.

One note –

I realize that I probably shouldn’t weigh myself every day, but, come on, when you’ve struggled for as long as I have, you NEED to see those numbers going backwards!

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11 thoughts on “How I Have Lost 10 Pounds In 12 Days

  1. Eden- I’m telling you, and I rarely say stuff like this, but I would consider this program an answer to my prayers. Literally.

  2. I’ve been watching the program and it has already changed the way I think about food and eating in general. I haven’t checked my weight and sometimes I don’t follow the rules that well, eating consciously and such. But I think within time I will break the habit and the weight will start to fall off.

  3. I’ve also successfully used this method to lose 30lb, in the space of about 9 weeks. Unfortunately I lost it a little again although it has taught me not to overindulge the way I used to as it makes me feel ill.

  4. Is this for real? I read about this a long time back, but I find it really hard to believe you can lose so much so fast. I am not trying to call this a scam obviously, but I would like to know if you guys eat and wait for a few hours before sleeping or you sleep anytime?

    And if you can do post some after pics NCN!

  5. Inspirational!!!!! I have been meaning to watch the show! Can’t wait to try the 4 golden rules!

  6. I’m enjoying your blog immensely, and plan to start Mr. McKenna’s plan tomorrow!! I missed episode 1, and have episodes 2 and 3 DVRed. Any idea where I can find episode 1 (YouTube, etc.)?

  7. Actually, on the daily weigh in thing, research from the National Weight Control Registry (a data base of successful “losers” who have maintained at least a 30 pound loss for at least a year) shows that daily weigh ins are an important factor in maintaining weight loss. The “losers” also eat breakfast every day and work out, an average of an hour per day. You figured it out by yourself that it’s something you need to do and the research supports it! Go, YOU! 🙂

  8. buenas vibras ! buen flow cósmico.. agarraste conciencia al comer ! que lindo, felicidades , sigue adelante

  9. Give me a break! Eating EXACTLY what you want WHEN you want is exactly what 99% of the overweight population does. Duh.

  10. I want to know more. i am trying to lose wight. im going to gym twice a week but feel nothing is happening. did you just watch wat you eat or did you jog evey day to?

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