Monday Workout For Legs

On Mondays, as part of my Weekly Workout Plan, I focus on exercises that will strengthen my legs.  I have to be VERY careful with my legs and be sure that I stretch, stretch, stretch – before AND after my workout.

  • 5 Minutes Walking Warm Up On Indoor Track
  • 40 Minutes On Treadmill (Intense Interval Training!)
  • 3 Sets Of 12 Seated Leg Presses
  • 3 Sets Of 12 Seated Leg Extensions
  • 1 Set Of Calf Raises
  • 10 Minutes On Eliptical (Slow, Used To Stretch Legs)

I skipped leg curls this week, because I overworked my quadriceps last week.  Next week, I’ll add the curls back to my routine, but I’ll be more cautious than I was last week.

I’m really only doing a few exercises for my legs, because I want them to be fresh for cardio and interval training.  I would hate to miss a day or two of walking because I killed my legs.

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