Successfully Dealing With Two Eating Situations

I live in the South.  I am forever confronted with “eating situations”.  Today, I did a really good job of eating small portions and drinking plenty of water, despite the fact that I was away from home and outside of my “comfort zone”.  I went to lunch with a group from church, and I ate a small sandwich with water and no chips.  Then, tonight, I went to a friend’s house to watch the football game, and I had a small bowl of chili with a diet soda.  In the past, I would always convince myself that I should overeat, because I deserved to “treat myself”.  Not today.  I enjoyed the conversations, made small talk, and actually thought about the people I was with, as opposed to focusing on what I was going to eat, how much I was going to eat, and how many times I could go back for “seconds”.  It’s VERY empowering to be in control.  Being smart rules!  Weigh-in tomorrow morning.