Down 50

How I Lost 50 Pounds This Year

After struggling for years to lose weight – please see the archives – I managed to have an awesome 2014.

I really started working on my weight in May.  Between May and December, I lost 50+ pounds.

I lost 6 inches from my waist and 2 shirt sizes.  Here’s how I lost 50 pounds this year –

Walking –

I walk a minimum of 4 miles per day, every day.  Walking makes me feel better, gets my blood pumping, and burns calories.

Running –

This one was tough at the beginning, but after losing a few pounds, I began to do a bit of jogging.  I’ve scheduled my first mud-run  in April, and I’m pumped.

Eating –

I eat fruits, vegetables, meat, and nuts.  I skipped processed foods – and focus on foods that are real.  When I need to break a stall, I’ll decrease carbohydrate-intake.

lost 50 pounds


Water –

I drink water – lots of water.

Encouragement –

I surrounded myself with positive people – and a few close friends to text when times got tough.

I’m looking forward to 2015.  I plan to do more writing here at No. Calories Needed – and if all goes well – I’ll drop another 50 pounds – and post a picture next December.  #motivation