My New Weight Loss Goal

Several years ago, I started this site as a place to track my weight loss.  After several starts and stops, I managed to lose 50 pounds 2 years ago.  As is the case with many who struggle with their weight, I have gained most of that weight back – so it is time to start over.

I have revamped the website and removed most of its clutter.  This might be a metaphor for my new weight loss goal.  I intend to simplify everything and focus on making intelligent decisions.

For those new (and any who might have hung around, despite the lack of posts) – I go by NCN.  I started blogging years ago over at No Credit Needed – and chronicled my progress as I paid off my debt.  Pumped after getting out of debt, I started this weirdly title site, No. Calories Needed.  My goal was to lose weight.

Note the period after No.  It’s supposed to abbreviate to Number of  – as in Number of Calories Needed – but it really doesn’t make that much sense.  I just picked the title because it matched my original NCN online nickname.

I have struggled with my weight for literally my entire adult life.  I am in my early 40’s now – and I have been on-and-off diets for more than 2 decades.  (That sounds a little overly-dramatic.  For the record:  I am a very happy person with a great wife, awesome kids, and a cool job.  I just struggle with my weight.)

Over those years, I have gained and lost hundreds of pounds.  As I sit right now, I need to lose 80 pounds – period.  For the first time, I’m starting to have some health issues – sore knees, achy joints, sleep issues – all of which are related, more or less, to my being overweight.

So, I’m going to work as hard as I can to lose 80 pounds (at a minimum), with a stretch goal of 100.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my plan and more details.

I’ll consider this my new “first post” here at No. Calories Needed.  If you wish to follow my journey (and cheer me on!) please use the buttons in the right-hand column to subscribe to the site and follow me on Twitter.  Many Blessings!