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My Son Is At Home, No “Work Out”

My little boy is at home with me today.  I took off to take care of him.  He has a bit of a cold.  It is super-beautiful outside.  I am still trying to get over being sick, and I haven’t made it to the gym in FIVE DAYS.  Trust me, I am NOT slacking.  I have had a terrible head cold for the better part of two weeks… I plan to be back at the gym tomorrow at 5AM.  (How sick?  I went to bed at 5PM Friday Night and 6PM Saturday Night…)  As for my weight, it is holding steady between 230 and 232.  I’ve eaten at the “upper limit” of my calories, so I plan to refocus tomorrow.  Still, I “feel” so much better (about myself) and I’m not eating poorly.