Update On My Changes And A Stroll Through My Blogroll

Last week, I announced the creation of my newest website – 99 Changes.  Well, I’m proud to say that I have made – and tracked – 3 changes.  Click here to read about my progress and see how I’m doing.  (Oh yeah, I want to thank all of you who checked out the new site.  You guys rock!)

As many of you know, No. Calories Needed is a member of the Fitness Health Network.  My fellow members write about – you guessed it – fitness and health.  If you visit one of their sites, let them know that NCN sent you!

Fat Man Unleashed writes about squats – and how to enjoy them.

JD is down to 190!  Awesome progress – slow and steady, of course.

Journey is working towards 100 push ups.

Lazy Man has a great post about antioxidants.

Weight Loss Journal has ideas for how to get – and stay – moving!

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