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50 Days Without Sugar, Flour, Potatoes, Bread, Or Soft Drinks

So far, I’m 50 for 50.

I’ve gone 50 days without eating sugar, flour, potatoes, or bread.  I haven’t had a single piece of candy – or gum.  I’m completely done with soft drinks and I only drink water.

On September 29, 2008, I finally decided to focus, with all of my energy, on losing weight.  I created my Health Optimization Plan and my Weekly Workout Plan – and I’ve (religiously) stuck to them both.

My diet, such as it is, consists primarily of –

Strawberries, almonds, cucumbers, lemons, lettuce, cashews, green apples, grilled chicken, turkey, lean beef, pecans, eggs, and water.

Basically, I’m following a lower-carb diet, as suggested by Doug Kauffman from Know The Cause.  For the first four weeks, I was taking several anti-fungal supplements and now I’m taking pro-biotics.

I’m rarely hungry, and when I am, I simply eat one of the foods on the above list.  I feel great – I feel better than I have in 5, maybe 10, years!  Seriously.  I’m exercising (a minimum of) 5 days a week, I’m sleeping better, and I have so much more energy.

I’m going to do this.  I am going to reach a healthy, sustainable weight, and I’m going to feel good about myself.  This time, unlike any other time in my adult life, I’m absolutely committed to being healthy.

50 days down, a lifetime to go.  Rock on!!!

4 thoughts on “50 Days Without Sugar, Flour, Potatoes, Bread, Or Soft Drinks

  1. not to be too critic or anything, but that has to be one of the worst meal plans (or diet plans in general) I have ever heard… where is the rest of the veggies, and the rest of the fruit? Or fish? Or healthy oils?

    Limiting yourself like this is A) unhealthy, and B) setting you up for certain failure IMHO

  2. @claude, I get plenty of fruit, eating strawberries and lemons three or four times a day… plus, tons of different types of lettuce… and, lean meats… plus, i’m taking vitamins… and i cook everything in coconut or olive oil… oh, and i should add that i eat some broccoli and carrots… i don’t see anything unhealthy, at all, about the plan… and, the nuts have lots of healthy fat…

  3. You should start eating spinach in place of lettuce. Lettuce is just empty calories. Spinach is delicious, plus its nutritional profile makes lettuce seem like a sick joke.

  4. I agree with ryan. baby spinach or just mature spinach is a whole lot better for you than lettuce. as a rule with greens the darker the better for you! this is why iceberg lettuce is basically nutritionally sugar and water. when i make salads i use only balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing and no lettuces spinach only also fermented items like vinegars (particularly apple cider) help the body keep a healthy digestive system, and help the weight loss process!
    however i eat nearly all the fruits and vegetables and just cut out the processed carbohydrates and sugars. rule of thumb when dieting for health:
    natural is better than processed.

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