Combining It All – My Health Optimization Plan

Okay, here’s where I’m at, as of right now –

I’m trying to combine ALL of the concepts and ideas that I’ve learned – over several years – about losing weight and maintaining focus.

1.  I’m going through a bit of a cleansing, following the diet suggest by Doug Kaufmann over at Know The Cause.  I’m taking several supplements, and I’m eating a diet of fresh berries, green vegetables, and meat.

2.  I’m still eating slowly, and following the I Can Make You Thin and the 4 Golden Rules.  But, I have cut out all starches – I’m really concerned about diabetes, and I want control insulin release.

3.  I’m working out 3 or 4 times a week.  And, I’m not just walking, I’m actually pumping some iron.

4.  When I can’t hit the gym, I’m still walking.

5.  I’m just weighing in once a week, instead of daily.  This helps, psychologically.

6.  I’m taking a multivitamin, three times a day.

7.  I’m trying to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a day – and striving for 8.

8.  I’m drinking water – and water ONLY.  No cokes, no sodas, no juice, no nothing.  Water ONLY.

This is what I’m doing, and since September 29, 2008, I’ve been doing these things very, very well.

I’m down to 245.4 – from 252.2 when I started back on September 29.  Rock on!

4 thoughts on “Combining It All – My Health Optimization Plan

  1. Good job so far! I like the tips and would also recommend that you incorporate bodyweight exercises on your “non-iron” days. Bear squats and hip thrusters are great calorie burners …

  2. Good going. I am up to something similar. At my worst, I was up to 275. Lost most of that a while back. Have lingered around 210, but recently up to 225. Started my blog, Slowfit, and tracked my progress down to 190 as of today. I enjoy seeing your progess, it always helps to follow what people actually do (rather than say or expect to do) and what the results yield.

  3. i’ve subscribed to your RSS feed because i’m on a journey of losing about 20-30 pounds. i’m on medication that causes weight gain (a steroid nonetheless, lol, for an immune deficiency) and so i have a feeling it’s going to be hard to lose (considering that most people GAIN like mad while on this med). i look forward to reading your stuff! i’ve been counting calories and working out for about 3 weeks and lost 5 pounds so far!

  4. Congrats on your project! Your debt-reduction and weight-reduction projects are very inspirational! I’m trying to lose weight myself, and so I’m interested in following your progress too. You’ve got some incredibly healthy and effective activities up there.

    My only concern with this is that a multivitamin 3 times a day is overkill. Our bodies are great at absorbing vitamins and minerals from food, and excreting anything unnecessary, but too much intake (in unnaturally high doses) can actually adversely affect health. If you’re eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, you shouldn’t have to worry about a multivitamin at all, but once a day is pretty safe.

    (This is at the forefront of my mind since I’m a nutrition student in college, and my professor who is a registered dietitian just lectured on the risks of too much vitamin a, beta karotene, and selenium)

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