The 929 Project

I’ve been thinking about my current weight loss plan, and my goal of losing 90 pounds by September 29, 2009.  (Click here to read the weigh in where I decided that 90 pounds would be my goal and September 29, 2009 would be my goal date.)  I picked September 29, 2009 because that will be exactly one year from September 29, 2008, the date that, in retrospect, I finally put everything together and got serious about losing weight.

I have decided that I need a name for my current weight loss plan.  Why?  I have been writing about my (failed) attempts at weight loss for almost three years, and I really can’t look back at January of 2007 as my starting date, because I never really focused or put my heart into getting in shape.  So, for all practical purposes, September 29, 2008 is my real starting date.  From now on, I will refer to my current weight loss plan as –

The 929 Project

I want to lose 90 pounds by September 29, 2009.

My starting date was September 29, 2008.  Weight – 252.2 Pounds

My goal date is September 29, 2009.  Weight – 162.2 Pounds

Total weight loss goal – 90 Pounds

Click here to see my most recent weigh in.

I do want to say one thing about my goal of losing 90 pounds.  If I succeed, I will weigh 162.6 pounds.  I haven’t been at that weight in almost 15 years.  After losing an initial 50 pounds or so, I will reevaluate my goal, to see if it is still realistic.  I am 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and 162.6 pounds is considered a healthy weight for that height, but I might find that I am much healthier and stronger at a slightly higher weight, say 175 pounds.  We shall see.