2011 – Here I Go

January 1st.  It’s here and I’m excited.

I realize that it’s cliche to start (or in my case, re-start) a diet on January 1st, but I can’t help myself.

I’ve done my level best to set myself up for success.  Here’s what I’ve done –

1.  I’ve removed all of my “trigger” foods from the house and filled it with healthy, nutritious, real foods.

2.  I’ve set a reasonable goal for myself – more on that later.

3.  I’ve set up an off-line support network, consisting of a couple of close friends to whom I can be accountable and from whom I can receive encouragement.

4.  I’ve set a date for my first 5k – an unchangeable, unalterable, firm, fixed, set-in-stone, date.  On April 30th, 2011, I will run a 5k.

5.  I’ve decided to get over the fact that I’ve been blogging about “weight loss” since 2007, and yet I’m still overweight.  If this were easy, no one would write about it, read about it, or care about it.  This is my struggle.  I’ve been dealing with it for more than 15 years, so there’s no use pretending it doesn’t exist.  I can either stop blogging, or I can be honest and share.  Sharing works best for me, and so I shall.

6.  I’ve given up soda – even diet soda – and I will stick to water.

7.  I have re-joined the gym.  I should never have stopped going, because I feel great when I go and workout.  My new goal is to go every day, even if it’s just for a few laps in the pool.

8.  I have a specific, week-by-week workout plan.  I’ll blog more about that as I progress through the year.

9.  I bought new shoes, specifically for running.  It’s amazing how the proper shoes make running easier.

10.  I have removed the “clutter” of other things in my life, simplifying things, organizing things, optimizing things, and automating things so that I have the time (and energy) that I need to focus on weight loss and exercise.

There you have it.  Now for a few goals –

First, I want to run (not walk, not walk-run), but run a full 5k.  I WILL do so on April 30, 2011.

Second, I plan to lose 50 pounds in 2011.  That’s 1 pound a week, which is reasonable.

Third, I need to blog every day, without fail.

Fourth, I need to exercise, every day.

I have 365 days to reach my goal.  Here I go.