Project 80

Project 80 – 72 Pounds To Go

I have had a great week – and the last 2 days have been awesome.

I have been doing great on my diet.  We had a big group of friends over Tuesday night – and I stuck to my eating-plan.  I was very proud of myself.  In fact, I didn’t even think about cheating.  The key?  I planned ahead and made sure that I had plenty of healthy options, including lots of different types of fruits and nuts.

As for walking, I have been crushing it.  Today, I had not one but two 3-mile walks around the neighborhood.  I’m trying to get a walk in, first-thing each morning and then another, right after supper.

I am down around 8 pounds since August 1st, which feels great.  I still have 72 pounds to lose, and am well aware that progress will slow at some point, but my plan is to keep changing up the type and duration of the exercises that I’m doing.  Once I lose about 30 pounds or so, I’ll move to some weight lifting and get back to running.  For now, I’m working on eating well and walking.  The other stuff, in time, will come.

Thanks for checking out the site.  Be blessed.