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Weight Lifting Begins Tomorrow

I’ve decided to start weight lifting tomorrow.  Trust me, I’m going to take it nice and slow, starting out with some work on my arms, back, and chest.  I will probably just use my barbells and do some basic exercises.  In the past, I’ve either totally ignored working out (most of my life) or totally gone overboard and lifted like a lunatic.  This time, just like with my way of eating, I’ll use common sense, pace myself, and learn as I go.

1 thought on “Weight Lifting Begins Tomorrow

  1. Thank you for starting this blog. I am trying to encourage my boyfriend who is also 5’8 and currently weighs 250 pounds to realize it doesn’t have to be unbearable to drop the weight. We both have a problem with portion control (we’ll eat all of a meal of spaghetti that should feed 4 people) and he has a problem with eating snack foods. He has eliminated all soda pop and he’s drastically cut down on ordering pizza’s. We’ve also drastically cut down on fast food (we’re down to maybe once or twice a month now). Those were are biggest drawbacks. Now though we need to start eating healthier, he hates most vegetables, and start exercising. Thanks again for the blog!

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