Stress Plus Press Equals

I have just had such a strange and wonderful week. (I was on TV! So, the whole, “I’m going to post a picture of myself as motivation” thing, is, obviously, out the window!) As you can imagine, I was super stressed about the idea of being seen by the “world”. But, I managed to get over it and simply enjoy the fact that my sites were getting some exposure.

I have decided to “detox” for a day or two, consuming mostly fruits, liquids, and vitamins. I will not be doing anything “radical” but I do want to give my body a chance to rid itself of all of the unhealthy foods I’ve been eating. (I’m actually using a “product” to help me detox, and if it works, I’ll let you know about it.)

My weight has been bouncing between 230 and 237, probably due to the massive quantities of water that I’ve been consuming. I’ll have an “official” weigh in this FRIDAY.