The Trouble With Eating Breakfast

I hate food.  Literally, I hate food.  Why?  Well, like any “addict” I hate the thing that my body “loves”.  So, every morning, when it is breakfast time, I feel miserable.  Why?  Well, as long as I “put off” eating, I don’t have to DEAL with food.  If I skip breakfast, I can just wait until lunch, and then I can DEAL with food.  But, when I eat breakfast, which I KNOW is good for me, I have to start DEALING with food, thinking about food, preparing food.  Seriously, I hate food.

3 thoughts on “The Trouble With Eating Breakfast

  1. As I said in the comment I just made on your other posting… eat what you can tolerate. The key to losing weight is making your meals bearable for yourself. I’ve lost 70lbs without a single, disgusting salad… lol


  2. I think once you get past this initial pain of “hating food” you’ll learn to “love food”. I love food … all kinds of food and I eat a lot, just smaller meals. I’m constantly chided at work for “eating so much”.

    Isn’t the key here making good food choices? (yes easier said than done) Once your body gets used to healthier foods, it’s all you will crave. You’ll feel “ill” when your body gets those bad foods.

    Stick with it!

  3. I don’t know if you like oatmeal or cream of wheat (a lot of people don’t) but that’s what I eat for breakfast. Well, not together that is. 🙂 But they are surprisingly filling. And the oatmeal is super good for you. I put a little vanilla flavoring and a little almond extract into the oatmeal when it is cooking. Then I add a little brown sugar before I eat it. Raisins and dried cranberries are also tasty in it (without the vanilla and almond!)

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