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The Secret To More Energy Is…

So, what do you do when you are tired?  Well, for years, I’d take a nap, wake up, and realize that I was just as tired AFTER the nap as I was BEFORE the nap.  I’ve learned that the cure for the afternoon “blahs” is to get up, get out, and get moving.  (Man, I sound like one of those cheesy late-night weight loss infomercials!)  But, the truth is, if you can dig deep and find the resolve to take a walk, do a few jumping jacks, swim a few laps, or take a quick bike ride, your body will “wake itself up” and you’ll feel great.  Seriously, I’ve been surprised by the impact of a simple, brisk walk.  I feel better, I burn a few extra calories, and I reduce my stress.

Energy boosters include:

20 minute walk

3 sets 20 jumping jacks

15 minute bike ride

10 minutes of full body stretching

Do you have any ideas?  Leave a comment and let me know… What do you do when you need an afternoon energy boost?