Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks? Where NCN Gets Real

I had a pretty good day today.  I started off strong – but I’m up late and I really want to have a snack.  As most long-time readers will note, I always spend much more time writing about personal finance – and I usually post here for a while and then slack off.  Why?  Because managing money is easy!  Losing weight is hard!  I hate the fact that I can “do everything right” and the scale doe——-

Still here?  Good.  You see the junk that you just read?  That was NCN from, say, the past 10 years.  I’ve complained about my weight – and then I’ve talked about how I “do everything right” – and then I whine about not losing weight.  No more!  Instead of putting a pretty face on an ugly pig (so to speak), I’m going to be brutally honest.  Losing weight takes time, dedication, and hard work – and I have done a very poor job of managing my time, I have failed to be dedicated, and I have slacked off on the hard work.  So, instead of griping and complaining, I am actually going to listen to my own advice and DO something.

Today, I did a great job of managing my hunger.  I ate when I was hungry and I made good choices.  I did some work around the house that needed to be done and I managed to get in a little exercise.  I’ll weigh in in the morning to get a good “starting weight” – and then I’ll know where I need to go from there.  I plan to hit the gym and get my fat rear moving.

For those of you who are tired of seeing me start over – imagine how I feel!  Will this time be different?  I sure hope so.

As added motivation, in the next year, I am going to run in a race – I’ll decide what kind and how long later – but I’m going to get up off of my fatness and do something.  Seriously.  No, I mean it.  No, really…

Here’s a list of races to be held in Georgia.

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