Starting Over – Weight Loss Attempt 4,623

Hi gang –

I just spent ten minutes writing a very long, very ‘dramatic’ post about how hard it is to lose weight and how ‘depressed’ I feel about my life.  But, the truth is, I feel pretty good.  My wife is expecting our third child, my kids are healthy, my job is going great, and more and more folks are reading my blogs.

So, instead of belaboring the point with some sob story, I’ll shoot straight –

I’ve been eating whatever I wanted and I haven’t been exercising.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to ‘start over’ for the 4,623rd time.

No doubt, some of you have grown tired of reading about my ‘starting over’.  Imagine how I feel!  But, I promised to always be honest with you guys – so here it is.

Tomorrow, the diet begins – again.

Familiar words… yes… I know.  But, its either start over or just give up, completely.  I choose the former, reject the later.

4 thoughts on “Starting Over – Weight Loss Attempt 4,623

  1. Sounds like you’ve been eavesdropping on my life! I try to cut out all the fast food and other nonsense, and every week, i’m just like. . .

    “alright, starting monday, no more!”

    yea. . . i say that about once every friday!

  2. Hey NCN,

    Check out
    It’s a great community with lots of beginner weight loss information. John Stone’s story is also very inspiring and there are lots of great transformation pictures to get you motivated!

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