Golden Rules, Weigh In

4 Golden Rules – Early Morning Day Three – Weigh In

Today is day ‘three’ of following Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Think 4 Golden Rules –

When I started, Monday, I weighed 257.

Today, Wednesday, I now weigh 252.

That, my friends, is a 5 pound weight loss.

Now, before we get excited, I will remind long-time readers, I’ve lost 5 pounds several times.  Losing 5 pounds is ‘nothing’.  My goal is to lose 80 total pounds.  So, the weight loss is NOT the ‘big deal’.

The ‘big deal’ is – I’m NOT HUNGRY.  I eat what I want, I sit down at the table, chew my food slowly, think about life, and then get up when I’m full.

This morning, I didn’t get hungry until 10AM.  I had a small piece of chuck steak and 1/4 of a baked potato, left over from last night’s supper.  I ate about 6 bites of steak (small, small pieces – each the width of a dime) and 6 bites of the potato.  And, I’m full.  Of course, I drank my glass of water and glass of Diet Mountain Dew (alternating sips).

So far, this plan is working – and I don’t ‘feel’ like I’m on a diet.  In fact, for the first time in 15 years, I feel like a ‘normal person’.  Seriously, I cannot overstate how much better I feel.  I don’t worry about food, because I know that I’m going to be able to eat ‘what I want’.  And, I don’t dread eating, because I know I’m not going to ‘overeat’.

How do I feel?  I have the same feeling that I had three years ago when I started No Credit Needed – my debt reduction blog.  Instead of dread or worry or fear, I feel excited, energetic, and ready.


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