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Busy, Busy Week And Some Hard Lessons Learned

I’ve been trying to follow the ‘golden rules’ – but I’ve been so busy this week, getting ready for the birth of third child.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll go back to really focusing on how I eat and eating consciously.  We were fully expecting the baby to be born this week – our other two were born two weeks early.  Apparently, the new baby is just fine, and has decided to wait a few more days.

Hard lessons I had to learn –

1.  Following the golden rules requires a table, a knife, a fork, and the ability to sit and think.

2.  I cannot follow the rules AND drive.

3.  It IS possible to eat out and follow the rules, but it is very, very difficult.  Better to have a bigger meal at home and then a smaller meal with friends.

I’ll admit – I thought that I could ‘modify’ the rules – and return to eating in front of the television or while driving – and I can’t.  I’m glad I figured this out and now I’m ‘back’ to following the rules, strictly.

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