Diet Day 1

Day 1 on the newest new plan went very, very well.  I managed to drink plenty of water, got a bit of exercise, and really controlled my eating.

I will confess, I did have one soda.  I just didn’t want to start a new diet and have to deal with caffeine withdrawal.  Oh well, one soda is better than a whole bottle of soda.  I’ll slowly (but surely) kick-the-habit and be water-only by the end of the week.

Due to a work-related responsibility, I didn’t make it to the gym, but I did get some decent exercise.  I walked a couple of miles around the neighborhood, worked up a good sweat – and felt great when I finished.

As far as eating, I didn’t eat all that much.  In fact, I probably ate too few calories, but for the first day, I wanted to really break the over-eating-cycle.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll find a balance between caloric intake, weight loss, and feeling good.

The breakdown of today’s eating –