Morning Run

It’s funny how making small adjustments to my workout plan can keep me motivated.

Instead of waiting until the afternoon to go to the gym – and often finding an excuse not to go – I’ve been getting up at 5 and hitting the treadmill.  This small change has created a more consistent commitment to working out and provided me with an awesome energy boost each morning.

I have also focused on eating a balanced breakfast, with plenty of protein.  I’m never really hungry in the morning, so I have to persuade myself to eat.  Once I do, I always feel 100% better.

I’ve also learned to incorporate more stretching, throughout the day.  I really focus on my lower-back and hamstrings.  I spend a good amount of time driving around each day, so it’s vitally important that I work to maintain some flexibility.

I’ve been bouncing around between a couple of eating plans – trying to avoid unhealthy carbohydrates.  December is a tough month, especially for foragers like me, so my December goal is to simply maintain my weight, while continuing to work out.