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Ready For 2013

Instead of waiting for January 1 to really re-focus on my weight loss and health efforts – I started in mid-December.  I made it through all of the stress-eating of December, and I didn’t deviate from my eating-plan once!

So, for the first time in, oh, 10 years, I actually began a new year “on plan” and moving forward.  January 1 is still an opportunity to make plans, prepare, and experience that feeling of “something new” – and it’s a great day to get back into blogging gear – but it’s NOT the first day for me to start getting healthy.  This years, it’s a day to continue being healthy!

Today’s goals – I wanted to eat healthy, real food, in moderate amounts, and drink plenty of water.  I also wanted to go for a 2 mile walk – and spend some time on the treadmill, if possible.

Today’s outcomes – I ate very healthy, lean meats, a handful of cashews, some fruit, and some vegetables.  I walked for 2 miles outside – and I ran/walked for 2 more miles on the treadmill.

Today’s score – With 1 being “totally didn’t follow my plan and ate like the world was ending tomorrow” and 10 being “nailed it, ate just what I needed to eat and exercised like a boss” – I give myself a 10.  Today was a good day!

Today’s weight loss – It’s the first day of the year, so for 2013, I have lost 0 of the 80 pounds I plan to lose.