I Joined A Gym

I went ahead and bit the bullet and joined a local gym.  It’s a pretty basic gym, with free-weights, machines, treadmills, etc.  My favorite thing about the gym?  They leave you alone.  I realize that many people enjoy working with a personal trainer, but I just want to go in, walk for 20 minutes, make a circuit through the weights, hit the sauna, take a shower, and head home.  I plan to go to the gym five or six days a week.  I waited until my new way of eating became “routine” before I joined the gym.  I did not want to join a gym right away, only to find myself going back to my old eating habits.  My exercise routine is very, very simple, and I don’t try to over do it.  I’m simply trying to build some muscle so that my metabolism burns a few more calories per day.

Today, I walked 20 minutes at 3.4 speed and worked my chest and arms.

3 thoughts on “I Joined A Gym

  1. How much is the gym where you joined? I thought about it, but it’s so expensive here. Before I was a member in CA where it’s dirt cheap and it’s hard to justify paying so much now.

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