Go Ahead And Laugh… It’s O.K.

The following is a guest post. I mentioned (in yesterday’s post) that the “L-Train” might write a post about our workout. And, you can go ahead and laugh. It’s o.k.

Yesterday I had a great workout with NCN–interesting, but good. We worked out for nearly 3hrs. It was quite an entertaining workout. We worked out legs and a little shoulders and abs. We were on the upright bench, and I was doing my set. I ask him to put a “quarter” on, and he started running out. I hollered, “where are you going?” He said that he didn’t have any “change on him”. OK, so I’m exaggerating a little, but not much. It really didn’t seem like 3hrs because I had such a good time. I could hardly workout, I was laughing so much. When we got finished with the workout, we hit the treadmill. I don’t know if he was just so tired, but NCN nearly fell on the treadmill. It was so funny. He started frantically grasping for the rails. You could see the fear in his eyes. He made a quick and impressive recovery though. I told him not to worry; the people outside and in the other section of the gym didn’t even see him. Honestly though, we had a great workout and a great time.

I’ve just got a few comments to make about this “guest post”. First, I had no IDEA what a “quarter” was. I learned that a “quarter” is a 25 Pound weight. As for almost falling off of the treadmill, I was mearly demonstrating treadmill safety (and how to recover from a nearly catastrophic fall…).

This post was written by my good friend who runs the Weight Master site located here. If you have a second, check out his site and click around.