The Day The Music Died

Somehow, despite the fact that I’ve been eating well and exercising, my weight has  jumped UP by SIX POUNDS.  I’m hoping that this is just “water weight” or something weird like that.  I’m not… going… to… freak… out…!

1 thought on “The Day The Music Died

  1. Did you weigh yourself on the same scale as usual? if not, maybe it’s not calibrated correctly.

    Is it a generic-on-the-floor bathroom scale? Did you move it to a different place? Did your little guy maybe jump up and down on it? (my little squirt has been known to do that)

    I’m thinking that either your scale’s calibration is screwed up or you used a different scale. Ask other family members to weigh themselves and see if their weight seems more than usual too.

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